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Reviews & Ratings for Sotz 55 Gallon Wood Stove Kit in Woodstoves
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Company: Sotz Model: 55 Gallon Wood Stove Kit
Title: Sotz 55 gallon wood stove kit Year: 1983
Rating (1=Low : 5=High): 5
Review: This is a kit which requires you purchase one or two 55 gallon steel drums, I picked my drums up from the local recycle place (garbage dump) for $.50 each, this was 20+ years ago. I assembled the kit using a drill with steel bit and a jigsaw with a sheet metal blade. After the stove was assembled I fired it up outside to burn off all the old paint, then painted it with a high temp flat black paint and fired it up again. It was installed in the basement. That was 20+ years ago as I said. We used it to heat our house for 6+ years and then installed a propane based furnace. Just recently I started it up again to dry out the basement after it flooded. The stove still works fine, it throws off a lot of heat and is easy to start. When I was running it full time I would use it intermittantly in the fall, but around Oct-Nov would start a fire that would last until March. The stove easily takes logs that are 3'+ long and you can fill it up. It'll hold heat for 24 hours, after 24 hours use the long rake (that Sotz also sells along with a poker and a shovel, all of which you should get as they have LONG handles) to rake forward the coals, then simply load in more wood and shut the door. The air intake is on the door and fans the coals that you rake forward. If there is wood there, it'll catch. When I put the stove together I put the door on at a slight angle by mistake. in order to have it stay open I have to prop a piece of wood against it, otherwise it closes automatically. This actually turned out to be a good mistake, as it helps with the loading of wood if there is an ongoing fire in the stove. The stove kit I picked up actually uses two 55 gallon drums, one positioned over the other. The smoke comes out of the first drum that you load wood into and travels lengthwise across the second drum which is positioned over the first. The second drum acts as a heat exchanger and you get a lot of heat from it too. All things considered, this is an excelant stove that generates a great deal of heat but it is really ugly and probably suitable only for the basement or camp situation. It does take up some room and requires a suitable sized flue. But it's cheap enough that if you are short on cash, you can pick this up, use it and then not feel bad about replacing it after time goes by and you have more money. We've had ours for 20+ years and it still going strong, even after a long period of inactivity. There isn't much rust (I thought it would have rusted out by now but nope, steel drum is still good and shows very little rust. An excellent buy.
Pluses: ugly, two 55 gallon barrels over each other, not for the living room Minuses: ugly, two 55 gallon barrels over each other, not for the living room
Suggestions: don't know of any Suggestions: Don't know of any

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